Monday, November 17, 2008

Hillary for Secretary of State?

Apparently Hillary Clinton is at the top of the list to serve as Secretary of State under President Obama. For Obama this is a wise move. Clinton has proven herself adept at diplomacy having some of the skills of her husband at disarming opponents while at the same time maintaining a commitment to the party line. She would be an excellent Secretary of State for a liberal, Democratic administration, helping to nudge things toward a more centrist position. [I know most conservatives see her as extremely liberal, but I see her as much more toward the center when compared to Obama.]

Personally, I think this appointment would be wrong for her and for the country. I would like to see the esteemed Senator remain in Congress. She has the potential of becoming a dominant statesperson for the people, a replacement for Ted Kennedy if you will. While I disagree with her political philosophy, I consider her a more moderate player in practice than on the stump. I also, think the issues that concern her are issues the nation needs to address (only from a conservative point of view). In short, I think Hillary Clinton is a person who would at least listen to the conservatives in the Senate and allow them to help map out reasonable solutions to our country’s growing social and economic problems. [Granted, the conservatives remaining in Congress might not be very cooperative themselves.]
It is in the Senate that I think she could do the most good for our country. In this season of liberal dominance, I shutter to think who her replacement might be.

I suspect this post will generate strong reactions from the few who read it. If so, one of my objectives will have been achieved.

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Phil Hoover, Chicago said...

I personally think that Hillary Clinton will be terrific wherever she works. The only problem with her going to the State Department is that she will be "leading" some people who have already been beat up over the last 20 years, and who desperately need someone who believes in them, and allow them to be the diplomats they truly are.

The only problem with her staying in the United States Senate will be the fact that Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd will NEVER leave the chambers, until someone has to pry their cold, clammy hands from the rostrum, where they are so accustomed to pontificating ad nauseaum.

But Hillary will be great, wherever she works....