Monday, October 31, 2011

A New Poem

Into Your Presence

In the cool of the day,
I run into Your presence
In the garden of Your Word.
Hungry for Your touch, Your face
Your will, Your warm embrace.
There I quiet my spirit
And listen for Your voice
Echoing through those ancient books
Scribed by human hands.
Both eternal and created,
Word of God born in thoughts of men.

More than a window into the heavens
Or a relic of the past,
The Spirit hums across the pages,
Grace and Truth for all the ages.
Love beyond imagination 
Wed to human communication.
Mysteries hidden from the angels
Written in the lyrics of mere mortals.
In the whole and in each part
Intoning Your very heart
Every syllable a revelation
Alpha and Omega within creation.


1 comment:

Emily Elizabeth said...

The Spirit hums across its pages. I really like this. Thank you for sharing.