Monday, March 22, 2010

I am Thankful for Skyping With my Grandchildren

Today’s entry is short and simple. I had a very rough day: extreme allergies, little sleep last night, issues without end. There was one very bright spot. I got a call and when I picked up the phone I heard, “Papa, this is Camdyn. Can we talk with you on the computer tonight?”

A few minutes later we connected. They were exuberant. It was great just to see them and Alethea so very happy. They caught a couple of frogs today. Camdyn is going to read to me when they get here next Monday. Charlie is giving Camdyn a hard time about her boy friend. Isn't life great?

I am thankful for this burst of sunshine on a rainy/snowy day.

Cleveland, Tennessee
March 22, 2010

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babydoc1030 said...

We enjoyed talking to you, too!