Sunday, May 9, 2010

I am Thankful for Cheryl’s Sermon Today

Cheryl preached today. Her topic was God’s judgment. Her texts were Psalm 51 and Romans 2. She challenged our modern perceptions of God which suggest He will not judge. She surveyed the texts as revealing other obstacles to our recognition of God’s judgment: preference to judge others and deny our own transgressions, etc. Finally, she spoke of her own recent experience with God’s convicting confrontation. [I would be happy to email an mp3 copy to anyone who wants it.]

It was a very good sermon and I am thankful for it in its own merit, but I am most thankful because the teenage girls in our church were impacted in multiple ways. They told me this evening how it spoke to their lives. It was clear they were also impacted by her delivery and her presence as a female preacher. One of them suggested, “She should be President.” [My response was, “I would vote for her to be General Overseer of the Church of God but not for President. I like her theology, but not her politics.”]

When I think about these sixteen, seventeen, and eighteen year olds I am encouraged. They love God and they are not afraid to talk of that love. I can see the challenges that are before them and I have confidence they will be more than over comers. I have that confidence in part because they have Cheryl and other women in our church as models for overcoming faith.

Cleveland, Tennessee
May 9, 2010


Derek said...

Yes, please, send it to Katherine and I.

Phil Hoover, Chicago said...

send it to me as well, please.

Derek said...

Lord, have mercy on me.
Powerful sermon.
Thank you for sharing.