Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I am thankful for my home

Note: I have to change my plans for this series on thanksgiving. I was going to structure my list of items sequentially in groups as follows (1) God’s voice and grace, (2) family, (3) church, and (4) material/physical. But I have a heavy schedule in January and I will shift to things I can list more than describe. Contrary to most articles in “Jackie Speaks” I will be including some pictures where it seems appropriate.

[I am thankful: item 6]

Cheryl and I have been married for thirty-five years. We have lived in an apartment, a couple of duplexes, a couple of house trailers, a couple of rented houses, and a couple of houses we owned prior to this one. This is the first place we have lived that has truly felt like home. It was home the day we moved in thirteen years ago. Although it is in need of some updating and repair, it is larger and nicer than I ever dreamed I would own.

This place is a gift from God. Close to town, but in the country (less than seven miles from work), it is a sanctuary in our stressful lives. It is a place of peace. I most enjoy it when it is full of family, but it is always our place of comfort. We endeavor to be good stewards and use it as a tool for hospitality. I am so thankful for this house given to us by God as the place we call home.

Cleveland, Tennessee
January 6, 2010

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