Saturday, February 27, 2010

I am Thankful the Accreditation Report has Been Mailed

Well it went to the wire. I thought I had finished at midnight last night. I went in to print off a copy to take to the printers early this morning. When I opened the file the pagination was all off and I couldn’t get it straightened out. I had entered a lot of page references last night that were all wrong. With the grace of God, the help of my student worker, and a good Church of God member working at the Kinko’s in Chattanooga, we got it done.

It is not my best work although I enjoyed the writing aspect. I was the director of the process and editor of the document, not the principle writer. Others wrote more than me, although I did have to write three chapters and edit the other chapters. The problem was that much of the material came in very late for a variety of reasons. It required a lot of help and God supplied it.

I am thankful it is over. I am thankful for my coworkers who rose to the challenge to complete the project, especially Trish Bell (Administrative Assistant to Dr. McMahan), Jeremy Lambert (my student worker) and Sabrina Evans (another student worker). They put in a lot of time and I hope we had a little fun along the way – just a little.

Cleveland, Tennessee
February 27, 2010

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