Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I am Thankful for a Visit with Karisa and Johnmark

Yesterday was Karisa and Johnmark’s third wedding anniversary. Today is Cheryl’s fifty-seventh birthday. I am not certain which is the hardest to grasp; my baby has been married three years or my bride is well into her fifth decade. I am certain the joys of life are cumulative and integrated. It is impossible to think of one of the people I love without thinking of the others. The joy of anniversaries taps into the joy of births and birthdays, past and future.

There are those moments when we are overcome with the sheer pleasure of being alive. A glorious sunrise or sunset triggers a sense of wholeness and union with God and the universe. A sudden insight taps into the carefree inner child. But the overwhelming majority of the joys of life are the joys of shared experiences, the joys of knowing others in the joys of their lives. I am blessed and thankful to be a witness/participant in the pleasures of others whom I love. Those joys are even sweeter on the palate of life mingled with shared victories over trials and tribulations. I am thankful for anniversaries and birthdays, hopes, dreams, and memories.  Who knows what  the next year will bring?

Wheaton, Illinois
June 30, 2010

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