Friday, July 23, 2010

I am Thankful for a Quiet Walk on the Beach

It is our last night of vacation with our family. Karisa and Johnmark had to leave in the early afternoon. I read this afternoon; Reading for pleasure is something I could get into. After dinner we played Pit, a Johns family favorite thanks to my mother. After some homemade blueberry pie (or is that Cheryl made, vacation pie?) and coffee, Cheryl and I went for a final walk on the beach.

We first walked along the street admiring the houses, choosing our retirement home. Tom T. Hall’s house is for sale. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have a house here; they were here this week. Our great ambition is to sink all of our life savings into a down payment on a hurricane magnet.

We returned along the beach. It was low tide and the gulf was quite placid. We walked through the shallows and watched the minnows scurry in front of us. Miniature waves lapped across our ankles. The sun was down, the shadows were vanishing and most of the houses were dark, appearing empty. Except for one couple sitting on the shore we were alone.

There is no better setting to reflect and meditate, to talk about those things that press on your soul – challenges and possibilities, hopes and dreams. Tomorrow morning we will pack the car an head toward Orlando and the General Assembly with a stopover at a B&B near Ocala.

Saint George Island, Florida
July 23, 2010

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Anonymous said...

My dream has always been to have a place on the ocean. Maybe we could go together. Seriously, there is nothing more relaxing and inspiring than walking down a deserted beach, being close to nature and God.