Sunday, November 7, 2010

I am Thankful for Being

Sometimes I struggle to focus on one thing for which to be thankful. Often it is when I have a general sense of peace, the kind of peace that can only flow out of God’s favor. The favor of God is an expression of His grace and mercy. I have not earned grace, peace, or even life itself; they are gifts from God. I have not healed the people and places of my existence; We share in His healing power. It is in sharing the love and grace of God that we find true peace, i.e., shalom, wholness.

The inability to focus on one blessing or set of blessings is thus not a denial of grace. It may in fact be a expression of thanksgiving for the gestalt of grace. In its entirety, life is a gift from God. Thus, all of our relationships are avenues of giving and receiving grace. In times like these, it is enough to be still and embrace the beauty of being. I am because He is and He has chosen me to be.

Tonight, I am not thinking about specific blessings; I am thinking of the blessing of existence. I am more than the sum of my experiences or all the good God has done for me. I am His handiwork and the object of His affections.

A couple of decades ago in the depths of despair the Spirit gave me a song that has been a source of strength in the darkest of times. The words include these lines:

I am my Lord’s
And He is Mine
And I love Him
Oh, Yes, I love Him
It was for me
He lived and died
Was Crucified
Because He loves me
Oh, yes He loves me

I am thankful for life, for life is the signature of God’s love. He does not love me because I am; I am because He loves me.

Cleveland, Tennessee
November 07, 2010


Kimberly Jean said...

Beautifully written, Jackie. Thanks for sharing. I miss your preaching and teaching. *sigh*

Lisa said...