Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I am Thankful for a Lazy Week; I had One Once

About twenty years ago Cheryl encouraged me to get involved with the Ministerial Association. Her rationale was that pastoral ministry required involvement in the life of the community. My response was that I didn’t have time to meet with a group of pastors just for coffee and complaints. If I was going to be in a community group it had to be one that was doing something.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not opposed to ministerial groups. Pastor’s need networks of peers with whom they can identify and share their challenges. I feel I get that at the seminary. I wanted a network that connected through ministry. And so I helped start BICC and later I started the Free Our Church of God Women to Serve (FOCOGWTS) which has led to many lazy weeks like this one.

Let me review my week since last Thursday, just the special events. Thursday afternoon was spent at the General Offices in an adult discipleship committee meeting. Friday was a typical light work day except that it began with loading a steer and taking it to the butcher. On Saturday Cheryl and I participated in the funeral of our friend Dianne Hodo. Sunday was typical (preach in the morning, study & prepare in the afternoon for the evening service). Last evening (Monday) Cheryl and I went to the BICC fund raising banquet. In addition to regular work responsibilities today, I had a 2 ½ hour committee meeting for the FOCOGWTS group. This evening I chaired the Vision Commission of BICC. (Cheryl had a worship planning committee meeting.) Tomorrow evening the church youth are coming to our house for a bon fire. These are just the highlights. I have omitted counseling sessions, special lunches, classes, etc.

I am thankful for my busy life. During the last years of my Dad’s life we had a ritual exchange every time we talked on the phone. He asked, “How are you doing, son?” I responded, “I’m fine, just busy as usual.” He countered, “That’s good, stay busy and you’ll stay out of trouble.” I have concluded he was correct in moral terms, but not necessarily professional ones.

Cleveland, Tennessee
November 9, 2010

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Anonymous said...

Your busy life keeps me from seeing you more. You need to do something about it.lol