Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Proverb on Honoring Parents


Dearest Daughter,
Listen to the words of your father
Righteousness is fulfilled
Not by avoiding evil alone
But by doing good always
For this Christ came
To free us from sin
Not from the penalty alone
But from its control within
Cleansed from our transgressions
Clothed in His righteousness
Recipients of His mercy
Granted grace that we might bless
Honor your father and your mother
That your days may be long
Seek ways to build them up
In their service become strong
Find the good in you
That first flowed from them
Let it shine for all to see
And they will glow more brightly
Add to the wealth of their memories
Your own nuggets of gold
Fuel their hopes for your future
And the future of those to come
Where they have failed
Never fail
Where they have excelled
Soar on the winds of their courage
Know and be true to yourself
Know and be true to them
From them you came
Unto them you will be gathered

August 1996
Taken from I Am Not a Poet:!/pages/I-AM-Not-A-Poet/202394679841098

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