Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Truth Shall Set You Free

[Neither poem, nor prose, nor a rose by any name.]
Our words reveal the truth of who we are
If we knowingly tell a lie
Our words reveal us to be a liar
A deceiver, in bondage to deception.

If we speak an untruth believing it to be the truth
Our words reveal us to be misled,
Ill-informed, ignorant, unwise, or full of pride to boast of that we know not.
The deceived, in bondage to deception.

If we speak the truth
Believing it to be a lie
Our words reveal us to be the greatest of fools
The blind, in bondage to deception.

But, if we speak the truth in the spirit of the truth
Our words expose our love for the truth and the truth is true within us
Only when the truth transforms us into the truth
Are we that new creation, born of the resurrection.

Then and only then, we become living epistles of the truth
And then we are one with the truth
And our words carry not just a thought,
An idea, a doctrine, but the essence and texture of the truth.

Thus, in knowing we conform to the truth
And we become the language of truth
And in that union we are truly human
Freely knowing and freely living in the truth.

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