Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Had a Dream

I had a dream last night, a glorious dream. I saw myself walking in a park-like environment. I was with a few people whom I knew but not people I actually know. There were others strolling nearby. The sky was gray with solid overcast. As I glanced upward a perfect circle formed in the heavens. Looking closer it was a perfect cylinder through the clouds and I could see a bright blue sky above the clouds. I mentioned to my companions how perfect the circle was and wondered out loud if that might be what it was going to look like when Christ returns. As I spoke, our Lord descended through the clouds. His appearance was just as He is typically portrayed: shepherd’s robe, left hand to his breast, right hand raised and bent at the elbow. I remember thinking how regal and erect He appeared.

My second thought was to wonder if He would pass me by. It wasn’t so much a fear I would not go with Him. There wasn’t a sense this was the rapture. It was more that I wondered if He would notice me and if I would be allowed to go wherever He was going.

He descended to me and I seemed to be levitating with Him just above the ground. No words were spoken but He wrapped the arm that had been raised around me. It was not a hug; it was instead as if I was enveloped by Him. Suddenly, I had dual sensations. I sensed my being suctioned into Him. It was like a forceful gust that I could feel and see flowing out of my innermost being into His whole being. He was taking me into Himself.

At the same time I sensed Him rushing into me. It was as though He was infusing Himself into every fiber of my being. We were one in existence without losing our distinct identities. I was conscious of thinking, so this is what Heaven will be. The sensation of this union and communion was palpable. It was not a jolt like an electrical shock. It was instead like a burst of the flavor of His essence flooding through the taste buds of my existence. I sensed His glory radiating within me.

In the instance we entered into that union I was jolted out of my sleep. I lay there in awe and worship as I wondered what the appropriate response would be. I considered getting up and running through the house shouting His praises and dancing before Him with all my might. I resolved instead to lay still and consider this dream that has come upon me.

I know it was a dream, but I also know it was a divine encounter. And I know Heaven is a little sweeter today.


Ben Johns said...

This is astounding!

Phillip Humphrey said...
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Phillip and Traci Humphrey said...

This is incredibly beautiful and enticing. Sounds almost like an experience out of a fantasy novel - from which I have my consistent encounters of faith with Jesus. It was an encouragement and gave me a new way to pray - for you, the church, etc. Thanks for sharing Jackie.