Friday, September 17, 2010

I am Thankful for Birthday Cake

This evening we had a strategy session for the Free Our Church of God Women to Serve group. Cheryl brought a birthday cake for refreshment in celebration of my 57th birthday tomorrow. There is just something special about a classic birthday cake. The icing is rich and sweet with a unique texture, smooth with a hint of sugary grit. The cake is light and fluffy. The deceptive delicacy screams “you’re not eating much, I’m all air.” It is so easy to ignore the fact that the icing is nothing but sweetened fat.

Never-the-less, birthday cake is perhaps the best dessert in the world. “Birthday” says we are celebrating life. “Cake” says all American dessert. “Birthday cake” proclaims shameless pleasure. Not since Adam and Eve ate the apple has human kind found a better way to ignore the guilt (calories laden with heart clogging fat) and enjoy naked pleasure.

Cleveland, Tennessee
September 17, 2010


Anonymous said...

Eat a piece for me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Anonymous said...

I wish I was able to eat a piece with you. Happy birthday.