Saturday, September 11, 2010

I am Thankful for God’s Care for Fools

I am a cautious individual, conscientious about safety. Never-the-less, I almost killed myself today. Okay, that’s an gross overstatement. After putting out some hay for the horses and cows I decided to dig out the pond in front of the barn. Things went real well until I turned the tractor over. That’s right, I laid it on its side.

I wasn’t hurt. It wasn’t even traumatic, just a slow motion roll to the side. I think I was a little reckless because it was a small space in which I was maneuvering. My big concern was whether I would be able to get the tractor right side up. To my surprise I was able to “man-handle” it upright. I wasn’t hurt; the tractor wasn’t hurt; no harm, no foul.

I am thankful I wasn’t hurt. I am probably more thankful my tractor wasn’t damaged. (It wasn’t even close that I would be hurt; it was very possible something would be broken on my expensive toy.) What I am freshly aware of is how easy it is to get hurt and how much God watches over us. I am also aware how old I am getting. I am proud I was able to upright the tractor, but I was exhausted afterwards. I did finish my project, but I haven’t done much else today.

Cleveland, Tennessee
September 11, 2010


Lisa said...

This makes me think of a previous entry wherein you described Cheryl's tractor adventures. :) Glad you weren't hurt!

Anonymous said...

I am glad God watches over fools also.

Kimberly Jean said...

I'm not laughing. I'm not laughing. I'm not laughing. (I am glad, however, that neither man nor machine were harmed.)