Monday, September 6, 2010

I am Thankful for This Day

Today was a memorable day. Nothing spectacular happened; it was just spectacular in its whole. It was cool in the morning when I put out hay for the horses and cows, and I picked up 9 gallons of apples and pears to feed them. Cheryl, Karisa and I drove over to the Blue Hole in the middle of the day. The water was frigid, the air warm, and the sky glorious. When the crowd of smokers came, we left. After dressing at home we drove Karisa to Chattanooga to catch her shuttle to the Nashville airport. On the way down we stopped at Olive Garden for lupper (Somewhere between lunch and supper). It was good to be together. This evening Cheryl and I watched “Fried Green Tomatoes.” Should I go missing... never mind; enjoy the barbeque.
Cleveland, Tennessee
September 6, 2010


Kimberly Jean said...

I'm just glad that you are older and have better know...just in case you (or someone else) get's a hankering for bar-b-que. :-)

Anonymous said...

The secret is in the sauce. Come over for BBQ anytime.