Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I am Thankful for the Last Day to Drop/Add

Today was the last day to add or drop a class for the fall semester. One would think that two weeks into the semester all of the students would have long settled into their course schedule. One would be wrong.

After an early morning premarital counseling session, I slid into work on the computer trying to catch up on some online components to my courses and responding to email. Lots of luck. One former student who graduated five or six years ago called. She wants to do further graduate work and needs to clean up her transcript. “Would you be willing to do a directed study in the course I nearly failed because I didn’t turn in my final assignment? The problem is I need it on my transcript by the end of this year.”

Throw in a couple of simple “add/drop” slips to sign for students who had previously mentioned they might want to change their schedule. Add a Doctor of Ministry student who needed an hour-and-a-half to sort through his problems with scheduling. Then there was the D.Min. applicant who needed assistance registering for his first semester. The only problem being he had not completed his application and he was at work when he called. This was not even in my area of responsibility but the director of the D.Min. was teaching a class, his assistant is new to the job, and the director of admissions was out for the day. I gave my best advice; we’ll see what happens.

The last day to add or drop a class is in theory the day of no return, the day when enrollment is settled. Up to now we have been shoving-off, getting settled. Now the mooring lines have been cast off; we have set sail and for the next three months we will endure some doldrums and survive some stormy weather. Students will be thrilled (maybe), bored (certainly), frustrated (probably), and “furnished for good works” (I pray). I love being the captain of the ship in higher education. Okay, it’s more like a raft on the Ocoee, but I have the whistle.

Cleveland, Tennessee
September 7, 2010

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