Friday, September 10, 2010

I am Thankful for Uninterrupted Sleep

I am a night owl by nature; I always have been. Even as a child I would lay awake in my bed trying to figure out how to go to sleep. I would try to remember the last things I did and thought before going to sleep the night before. The frustration of not remembering would keep me awake.

As an adult I have become quite good at going to sleep quickly in spite of my inclination to stay awake to get things done. I can pick up steam as the night passes if the project is interesting. During my doctoral program this came in quite handy. There were more than a few nights I never went to sleep. However, once I go to sleep I am asleep and I am a bear to get up. Cheryl says I would be of no use if an intruder broke in; I would sleep through it all. [That pretty much happened in my youth while visiting my Aunt Mabel’s home.] It doesn’t matter how long I sleep, I am slow to get going on all cylinders when I do wake up. The worse mornings are when my night has been interrupted which doesn’t happen very often.

Last night was one of those interrupted nights. At 3 A.M. I awoke with a horrible stomach ache. I don’t know what caused it, but it lasted for two hours. I didn’t know CBS has news on during the middle of the night. There’s nothing like rooky, liberal journalists coupled with a belly ache to get me wide awake. I don’t know what caused my sharp pain, but I do know what sustained it.

Tonight, I am thankful for all of those nights of uninterrupted sleep and I am hoping for the same.

Cleveland, Tennessee
September 10, 2010

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