Friday, December 24, 2010

I am Thankful for the Blessings of 2010: #10 – Peanut

[As the year comes to an end, I am listing a few of the things that happened during 2010 for which I am most thankful. The list is not in order of significance.]

The greatest blessing of 2010 has been Karisa’s pregnancy. Our baby is having a baby. She has named the baby in utero, “Peanut.” We are not allowed to disclose the gender, but we know and we are excited.

When I first learned Alethea was pregnant with Camdyn, I was nervous. As a pastor, I had lived through the disappointment of miscarriages with too many young couples. Pregnancies may be natural but they are also dangerous. If it was unnerving to go through the process with my wife, it was doubly so with my daughter.

Seven years and two grandchildren later, I am finding it a different experience. In some part, I might be more relaxed because it is Karisa, the one who turned 16 on a ministry trip to the Amazon, 18 on another ministry trip to South America, and 21 during a six-month ministry in the slums of Mumbai, India. I’m just thankful she hasn’t planned a sky-diving trip during the last trimester.

I have been concerned and I have prayed, but I have just believed God’s hand is on this child. Maybe my faith is nothing more than having experienced this twice before and with phenomenal success, might I add. Maybe Cheryl and I are just ready for another newborn in the family. Maybe I’m just older and more relaxed. Whatever the contributing factors, Peanut is the greatest blessing of 2010 and I’m sure of 2011 as well.

I am thankful for my grandchildren, all three of them.

Cleveland, Tennessee
December 24, 2010

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