Thursday, December 30, 2010

I’m Just Thankful

I was ill when I returned home from South Carolina last evening. I was dizzy. By the time I went to bed the world was swirling to the point I was sea sick. It calmed down after a few minutes and I had a good night’s sleep. But shortly after I got up this morning it started all over again. I suspected I was having side-effects from an antibiotic I have been on for an ear infection. Once I felt good enough to “surf” the web I looked up my medication and sure enough extreme dizziness is a possible side effect.

I am still a little spatially disoriented, but I am improving. This afternoon I felt good enough to keep a promise and saddled Rose for Camdyn to ride. We led Rose, with Camdyn ridding high, around the pasture for over an hour with Charlie joining Camdyn in the saddle for a few minutes.

I doubt it will be a lasting memory for Camdyn and Charlie; it will be for me. I hope it fits into the montage of the memories they will share of Cheryl and me (and Karisa). I have found that being with my grandchildren just makes me thankful, even when I don’t feel well.

Tomorrow will be a challenge. They are going home.

December 30, 2010

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