Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I am Thankful for Charlie

Charles Ellis Allen is my favorite grandson. He is of course my only grandson. Today is his fourth birthday. He has given me so much happiness in his four years in the “entertain Papa” business. When he was an infant he would go to sleep in my arms, something he did with few people. We bonded.

Charlie is every preschool boy, only more so. Like his sister, Charlie loves the outdoors (except for his recent addiction to video games). When he visits his favorite activity is to ride on the tractor especially when we “push down trees.” He loves bats, guns, knives, swords, Johnny Cash and Taylor Swift. And he loves hugs, or at least he knows his Papa loves hugs and he is kind.

Charlie is a poster boy for nature trumps nurture. Cheryl often comments on how much he reminds her of my father. When he is thinking he stretches his arm and bends it to scratch the back of his head just the way my father would. I get a kick out of his love for weapons. Alethea is committed to non-violence and use to say her children would grow up in a weapon free house, including toys, and then came Charlie. He also has inherited the Johns’ proclivity for steadfastness, a.k.a. stubbornness.

He can be rough and careless, but he is also kind and sensitive. Did I mention he is brilliant and inquisitive? Charlie is one of God’s great blessings to my life and I am thankful for him.

Cleveland, Tennessee
December 7, 2010

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Anonymous said...

We are thankful for him. He makes me laugh.