Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I am Thankful for my Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday, we planned to drive to Virginia to see Alethea and her family. About an hour into the drive our transmission failed without any prior warning. Since Cheryl’s car has over 338,000 miles we agreed to purchase a new one. We spent yesterday afternoon and evening researching on line. Since we have not purchased a vehicle in ten years, a car in thirteen, we were a little surprised at developments in transportation and ink.

Today was the thirty sixth anniversary of our wedding. We spent the day on a romantic retreat, car shopping that is, and I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I bought my wife a Lexus. It just dawned on me that for the rest of my life every anniversary present will be compared with 2010. “Oh, I love it, almost as much as …”. I have a real dilemma; how do I perpetuate the myth that I bought her a Lexus for our 36th anniversary and create amnesia during December every year?

I admit that it is a myth I bought the car for her. The truth is the payments will come out of her account, but don’t remind her of that, except in December each year. Next year I might get her a Chevrolet Silverado, paid out of her account of course.

For some reason back on June 1 of this year I wrote about our wedding (http://jackiespeaks.blogspot.com/2010/06/i-am-thankful-for-my-wedding-day.html). I will not repeat myself here except to restate my vows. On December 21, 1974 I promised Cheryl before God and multiple witnesses:

“Cheryl, I vow unto you in essence one vow; I shall love you as God intends for a man to love his wife.

 For just as Jesus Christ is even now searching the world to find those persons without spot or blemish who shall comprise his bride, so have I searched and found in you the qualities I desire for my wife.

I will cherish you more than silver or gold or any earthly possession.

I will provide for your earthly needs to the best of my abilities even as God gives me strength.

I will protect you from all harm even with the laying down of my life if need be.

Cheryl, this is my vow to you; I will love you as God intends for a man to love his wife.”

I was young and naive. I knew what I was saying but I had limited understanding of the implications of my words. Youthful idealism is always challenged when it attaches itself to divergent thinking. Cheryl has never reminded me of my pledges that day. God has.

Today, I celebrate thirty six years of discovering the challenge and beauty of divergent thought. And with all that experience, I am honored to renew those vows to the bride of my youth. She is my pearl of great price. I am thankful for this day of celebrating our hopes, dreams, and promises fulfilled.

Cleveland, Tennessee
December 21, 2010

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Anonymous said...

I am the blessed one in this marriage arrangement. You have been the essence of Christ's love to me. Yes, you and I can say that you bought your wife a lexus for Christmas. You did agree to the purchase, going against you better, more stable judgement that suggested another Camry- hybrid that is.